Toward Alleviating Poverty of Rural Potato Farmers by Strengthening the Potato Seed System in Bangladesh:

A Rapid Rural Appraisal
Rangpur District in northern Bangladesh was identified as the area with the agro-climatic conditions most suitable for potato seed production.The area under potato in Rangpur is about 15% of the total potato area of Bangladesh. A rapid rural appraisal was used to gather information from farmers on farmers’ seed sources, number of generations of seed used from different sources, seed quality, varieties used by farmers, disease incidence, yields [...more]
Cash Subsidy On Potato Exports Double up: The Bangladesh government has doubled cash incentives to 20 percent against exports of potatoes to encourage exporters, Potato exporters will receive the subsidy against the net repatriation of the free-on-board (FOB) prices of their products between April 1 to June 30, according to a circular issued by the central bank of Bangladesh.

“The government has doubled cash incentive on potato exports following bumper production of the perishable item. It will also help to ensure fair prices of the vegetable” said a senior official of Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank.

The official said the subsidy would be re-fixed to 10 percent from the existing 20 percent for fiscal 2010-11. Last week, the government allowed cash incentives at 5.0 percent against exports of crust leather and shipbuilding to facilitate the exporters of those sectors. The government earlier announced a list of 15 exportable products that would receive the cash subsidy for the current fiscal year
[source: Bangladesh Government]